Lista de verbos irregulares en inglés y español
Lista de verbos irregulares en inglés y español

Lista de verbos irregulares en inglés y español

Lista de verbos irregulares en inglés con traducción. Listado de verbos irregulares en inglés y en español. Lista verbos irregulares en inglés.

Lista de verbos irregulares en inglés con traducción

AbideAbode/AbidedAbode/Abided/AbiddenTo continue/To reside\live Permanezca
Aby/AbeyAboughtAboughtTo make amends for something wrongComprar
AlightAlit/AlightedAlit/AlightedTo get off a bus, train, etc./ To originate Posarse
AriseAroseArisenTo get up from horizontal position, out of bed Surgir
AwakeAwokeAwokenTo stop sleeping and become conscious Despertar
BackbiteBackbitBackbittenTo speak badly about someone Murmurar
BackfitBackfitBackfitweren't available when the machine was made Reequipamiento
BacklightBacklitBacklitTo illuminate from behind (photography) Iluminar desde el fondo
BackslideBackslidBackslid/BacksliddenTo stop making progress and start regressing Reincidir
BeWas/WereBeenTo have as a quality or a state/An auxiliary verb Ser
BearBoreBorn/BorneTo tolerate/To give birth to Llevar
BeatBeatBeatenTo hit repeatedly Derrotar
BecomeBecameBecomeTo come into existence Convertirse en
BedightBedight/BedightedBedight/BedightedTo adorn, decorate Anochecer
BefallBefellBefallenTo happen/To happen to somebody or something Acontecer
BegetBegot/BegatBegottenTo cause something to happen Engendrar
BeginBeganBegunTo start something Empezar
BegirdBegirt/BegirdedBegirtTo encircle Ceñir
BehightBehightBehight/BehotenTo promise or vow Enaltecer
BeholdBeheldBeheldTo become conscious of by seeing Mirad
BelayBelaid/BelayedBelaid/BelayedTo secure a boat with a rope Amarrar
BereaveBereftBereft/BereavedTo lose a relative through their deathPrivar
BeseechBesought/BeseechedBesought/BeseechedTo ask someone very insistently to do something Implorar
BesetBesetBesetTo be restricted and occupied by difficulties Acosar
BespeakBespokeBespokenTo set aside or reserve something/To ask for Encargar
BestrewBestrewedBestrewed/BestrewnTo cover a surface by throwing things about randomly Sembrar
BestrideBestrodeBestriddenTo sit or stand with one leg on either side of something Cabalgar
BetBetBetTo risk money against the result of a future event Apuesta
BetakeBetookBetakenTo go to a place Dirigirse
BethinkBethoughtBethoughtTo think about something/To remind yourself Recordar
BeweepBeweptBeweptTo cry for or over someone or something Beweep
BidBidBidTo make an offer of money or services Licitación
BidBadeBiddenTo command or urge someone to do something/To wait for Licitación
BideBided/BodeBidedTo tolerate/ To withstand Permanecer
BindBoundBoundTo tie something with string, or similar, to hold it Unir
BiteBitBittenTo cut or hold with teeth Morder
BlawBlawedBlawnTo blow golpe
BleedBledBledTo lose blood through a cut in the skin Sangrar
BlendBlended/BlentBlended/BlentTo mix together Mezclar
BlessBlessed/BlestBlessed/BlestTo wish or confer happiness/ To make holy Bendecir
BlowBlewBlownTo move air, wind and gases Explotar
Bottle-feedBottle-fedBottle-fedTo feed a baby with a bottle Biberón
BowstringBowstrung/BowstringeBowstrungTo strangle with the string from a bow Cuerda del arco
BreakBrokeBrokenTo cause something to separate into at least two pieces Romper
Breast-feedBreast-fedBreast-fedTo feed a baby with breast milkAmamantar
BreedBredBredTo produce animals or plants by controlling their reproduction Raza
BringBroughtBroughtTo carry or convey something to the place where you are going Traer
BroadcastBroadcast/Broadcasted Broadcast/BroadcastedTo transmit radio or TV signals Transmisión
BrowbeatBrowbeatBrowbeat/BrowbeatenTo put pressure on someone or bully them to do something Atemorizar
BuildBuiltBuiltTo construct Construir
BurnBurnt/BurnedBurnt/BurnedTo consume or be consumed by fire Quemar
BurstBurstBurstPressure, such as a balloon with too much air in it Ráfaga
BustBustBustTo break Busto
BuyBoughtBoughtTo acquire something in exchange for moneyComprar
CastCastCastTo throw or project something/ To receive Emitir
CatchCaughtCaughtTo stop and hold a moving object, usually with your hands Captura
CheerleadCheerledCheerledTo cheer and support a team in an organised group Animadora
ChideChidChid/ChiddenTo tell somebody off when they have done something wrong Reprendo
ChooseChoseChosenTo select/ To hit your hands together to make a sound Elegir
ClapClapped/ClaptClapped/ClaptTo show approval/ To make a loud noise, like thunder Aplaudir
Clear-cutClear-cutClear-cutTo cut down all trees in an area/ To separate or divide something often with Claro
CleaveCleft/Cleaved/CloveCleft/Cleaved/ClovenSplit or sever (something), especially along a natural line or grain Adherirse
CleekClaught/Claucht/CleekCleekedTo grasp or take hold of Cleek
ClepeClepedCleped/Ycleped/YcleptTo call or name Clepé
ClingClungClungTo hold on to or to stick to Adherirse
ClotheClad/ClothedClad/ClothedTo dress someone or provide them with clothes Vestir
ColorbreedColorbredColorbredTo breed an animal to be of a particular color raza de color
ColorcastColorcastColorcastTo broadcast in color Raza
ComeCameComeTo move towards or to arrive at a specified place, time or situation Venir
CostCostCostThe amount of money required to buy something; it costs five dollars. Costo
Cost-cutCost-cutCost-cutTo redcuce costs or expenditure Reducción de costo
CounterdrawCounterdrewCounterdrawnTo copy by tracing Contragiro
CounterlightCounterlitCounterlitTo light something directly from opposite sides Contraluz
CowriteCowroteCowrittenTo write with someone Coescribir
Crash-diveCrash-dived/Crash-doveCrash-divedTo go down very quickly Zambullida
CreepCreptCreptTo move along the ground lying down Arrastrarse
Creep-feedCreep-fedCreep-fedTo feed young animals in a special area that adult animals can't get in Alimentación lenta
Crib-biteCrib-bitCrib-bittenTo bite its manger and swallow air (of a horse) Mordedura de cuna
Cross-biteCross-bitCross-bittenTo thwart or stop something happening by deception Mordida cruzada
Cross-stringCross-strungCross-strungTo place bass strings on a piano across the treble strings Cuerda cruzada
CrossbreedCrossbredCrossbredSpecies, like a mule, which is a crossbreed of a donkey and a horse Híbrido
CrosscutCrosscutCrosscutTo move between scenes or stories in a film or narrative Corte transversal
CrosslightCrosslitCrosslitTo illuminate from different sides, but not directly opposite Cruceta
CrowCrowed/CrewCrowedTo boast/ To utter a sound indicating pleasure Cuervo
CutCutCutTo break the surface of something with a knife or similar tool Corte
DareDared/DurstDaredTo have sufficient courage Atrevimiento
DaydreamDaydreamt/DaydreamDaydreamt/DaydreamtTo have dream-like thoughts when a wake/ To have a fantasy Ensueño
DealDealtDealtTo distribute, especially playing cards in games Acuerdo
Deep-freezeDeep-frozeDeep-frozenTo freeze or store frozen/To suspend progress or activity Congelar
DigDugDugTo make a hole in the ground Excavar
DightDight/DightedDight/DightedTo dictate orders Noche
DispreadDispreadDispreadTo spread out Difundir
DisproveDisprovedDisproven/DisprovedTo prove that something is fale or wrong Refutar
DiveDived/DoveDivedTo jump head first into water/ To fall quickly Bucear
DoDidDoneTo perform or carry out Hacer
DogfightDogfoughtDogfoughtTo fight in aeroplanes/ To arrange a fight between dogs for sport Pelea de perros
DowDought/DowedDought/DowedTo have the ability to do something/To do well Dow
DrawDrewDrawnTo make a picture using a pen or pencil Dibujar
DreamDreamt/DreamedDreamt/DreamedTo see visual images while sleeping Sueño
DrinkDrankDrunkTo consume liquids Beber
Drip-feedDrip-fedDrip-fedTo feed someone with fluids going into the vein Goteo
DriveDroveDrivenTo operate and control a car or other vehicle Conducir
DwellDweltDweltTo reside or live somewhere Residir
EatAteEatenTo consume solid food Comer
End-runEnd-ranEnd-runTo avoid doing something by cheating or deceit Ejecución final
EngirdEngirtEngirtTo encircle, encompass Ceñir
EngraveEngravedEngraved/EngravenTo carve letters or a pattern into the surface of something Grabar
EnwindEnwoundEnwoundTo make into a coil Envienta
FallFellFallenTo move downwards or to the groundCaer
FarebeatFarebeatFarebeatenTo avoid paying fares when using public transportHaría
Fast-cutFast-cutFast-cutTo cut quickly from one scene to another in a film Corte rápido
FeedFedFedTo give or supply food Alimento
FeelFeltFeltTo sense by touch/ To experience an emotion, or sensation Sentir
FightFoughtFoughtTo try to hurt or kill someone in combat or war Lucha
FindFoundFoundTo discover something either by chance or when looking for it Encontrar
FitFit/FittedFit/FittedTo fit something/ To measure someone for size (fit fit/fitted/ Adaptar/Encajar
Flash-freezeFlash-frozeFlash-frozenTo freeze food very rapidly to preserve taste and nutrients Congelación instantánea
FleeFledFledTo run away in order to find safety Huir
FlingFlungFlungTo throw or move something suddenly Arrojar
FloodlightFloodlitFloodlitTo use powerful lights to illuminate something outside at night Luz de inundación
FlyFlewFlownTo move through the air/ To travel by aeroplane Volar
FlyblowFlyblewFlyblownTo contaminate by laying eggs, the way a fly does Mosca voladora
ForbearForboreForborne/ForbornNot to use or talk about something Abstenerse
ForbidForbade/ForbadForbiddenTo prohibit Prohibir
Force-feedForce-fedForce-fedTo feed someone who refuses or doesn't want to eat Alimentación forzada
Fordo/ForedoFordidFordoneTo ruin or destroy fordo/foredo
ForecastForecast/ForecastedForecast/ForecastedTo predict the future Pronóstico
ForefeelForefeltForefeltTo have a feeling before something happens/ To have a premonition sentir
ForegoForewentForegoneTo preceed something/ To go without something Adelantar
ForeknowForeknewForeknownTo know something beforehand Prever
ForerunForeranForerunTo go before something/ To show that something is going to happen Precursor
ForeseeForesawForeseenTo predict or see the future/ To show something or make it known Prever
ForeshowForeshowedForshowed/ForeshownBeforehand/ To foretell Previo
ForespeakForespokeForespokenTo predict/ To speak of something beforehand Predicción
ForetellForetoldForetoldTo predict the future Predecir
ForgetForgotForgottenTo be unable to remember something Olvidar
ForgiveForgaveForgivenTo pardon or stop being angry with someone who has offended you Perdonar
ForsakeForsookForsakenTo give something up/ To abandon Forlese
ForswearForsworeForswornTo make a false promise or oathRenunciar
FraughtFraught/FraughtedFraught/FraughtedTo load a ship, etc Tenso
Free-fallFree-fellFree-fallen parachuteTo fall through the air without opening a parachute Caida libre
FreezeFrozeFrozenTo store food below zero degrees centigrade temperatures Congelar
FrostbiteFrostbitFrostbittenTo injure or damage part of the body through extreme cold Congelación
GainsayGainsaidGainsaidTo contradict or deny Contradecir
GeldGelded/GeltGelded/GeltTo castrate an animal Castrar
GetGotGot/GottenTo obtain, catch or receive Obtener
GhostwriteGhostwroteGhostwrittenTo write for someone else, who will put their name as the author Escritura fantasma
GildGilt/GildedGilt/GildedTo cover something with a thin layer of gold Dorar
GinGanGanTo begin something Ginebra
GirdGirded/GirtGirded/GirtTo secure or encirle something with a belt or bend Ceñir
GiveGaveGivenTo offer something as a present/ To bite or chew Dar
GnawGnawedGnawed/GnawnTo cause worry Roer
GoWentGone/BeenTo travel to a place/ To dig Vamos
GraveGravedGraven/GravedTo carve/ To fix in the memory Tumba
GrindGroundGroundTo break something into a powder Moler
GrowGrewGrownTo increase in size Crecer
HagrideHagrodeHagriddenTo torment or cause nightmares Hagride
HalterbreakHalterbrokeHalterbrokenTo break a horse in, to get it used to wearing a halter cabestro
HamstringHamstrung/HamstringHamstrung/Hamstringed To make things difficult for someone doing something Tendón de la corva
Hand-feedHand-fedHand-fedTo give food by hand Alimentar a mano
Hand-rideHand-rodeHand-riddenTo control an animal by hand Paseo a mano
HandsewHandsewedHandsewn/HandsewedTo sew by hand Coser a mano
HandwriteHandwroteHandwrittenTo write with a pen or pencil rather than a word processor Escribir a mano
HangHung/HangedHung/HangedTo suspend from a support/ To execute someone by supending them by the neck Colgar
HaveHadHadTo do/ An auxiliary verb Tener
HearHeardHeardTo detect or perceive sound Oír
HeaveHeaved/HoveHeaved/HoveTo lift something heavy/ To throw something heavy Tirón
HewHewedHewnTo cut things into pieces Él w/ Labrar
HideHidHiddenTo conceal or put something where it cannot be seen/ To name Ocultar
HightHote/HightHotenTo promise/ To command Altura
HitHitHitTo touch somebody or something with force Pegar
HoiseHoised/HoistHoised/HoistTo hoist or lift Manguera
HoistHoist/HoistedHoist/HoistedTo raise or lift using ropes, etc Izar
HoldHeldHeldTo secure something in your hand/ To contain Mantener
House-sitHouse-satHouse-satTo stay in someone's house to look after it while they are away Cuidar la casa
HousebreakHousebrokeHousebrokenTo train an animal to live in a house adiestramiento
HurtHurtHurtTo cause pain, injury or stress/ To experience pain, injury or stress Herir
InbreedInbredInbredTo produce babies with health problems by sexual relations between close relatives Endogamia
IndwellIndweltIndweltTo inhabit/ To exist as a guiding principle Habitar
InholdInheldInheldTo have as an inherent characteristic En la bodega
InlayInlaidInlaidTo put a different material inside another for decoration, with a flat surface Embutido
InputInput/InputtedInput/InputtedTo enter data into a computer Aporte
InsetInsetInsetTo put a picture or graphic inside a lerger one Recuadro
InterblendInterblended/InterblenInterblended/InterblentTo blend things together Mezcla
InterbreedInterbredInterbredTo mix species or groups sexually Cruzarse
IntercutIntercutIntercutTo move between different scenes or stories in a film or narrative Intercalado
IntergraveIntergravedIntergraved/IntergravenTo carve or engrave in alternate sections intergrave
InterlayInterlaidInterlaidTo place among or between things Entrelazado
IntersetIntersetIntersetTo set among or between things Interset
InterweaveInterwoveInterwovenTo join or mix together Entrelazar
InterwindInterwoundInterwoundTo wind together or intertwine Enrollar junto
InweaveInwove/InweavedInwoven/InweavedTo weave things together Entretejer
InwindInwoundInwoundTo wrap or coil around En el viento
Jerry-buildJerry-builtJerry-builtTo build something cheaply and badly Jerry-construir
KeepKeptKeptTo make somebody or something stay in a particular place Mantener
KenKent/KennedKent/KennedTo know Conocido
KneelKnelt/KneeledKnelt/KneeledTo support yourself on your knees Arrodillarse
KnitKnit/KnittedKnit/KnittedTo make clothes such as pullovers out of wool Tejer
KnowKnewKnownTo be acquainted with/ To have correctly in your memory Saber
LadeLadedLaden/LadedTo load (put goods onto) a ship Cargar
LandslideLandslid/LandslidedLandslid/LandslidedTo win a convincing and easy victory in an election Deslizamiento de tierra
LayLaidLaidTo put something in a horizontal position Poner
LeadLedLedTo take someone somewhere or guide them/ To be in command Guiar
LeanLeant/LeanedLeant/LeanedTo place something at an incline for support against something Inclinarse
LeapLeapt/LeapedLeapt/LeapedTo jump Salto
LearnLearnt/LearnedLearnt/LearnedTo acquire knowledge Aprender
LeaveLeftLeftTo go out of a place Abandonar
LendLentLentTo give somebody money that must be returned Prestar
LepLeptLeptTo leap Hermoso
LetLetLetTo allow something to happen/ To allow someone to do something Dejar
LieLayLainTo get into or be in a horizontal position Mentir
LightLitLitTo make something burn Luz
LinebreedLinebredLinebredBreed animals from a particular family línea
Lip-ReadLip-ReadLip-ReadTo work out what someone is saying from the movements of their mouth Lectura de labios
LoseLostLostNot to have something because you do not know where it is Perder
MakeMadeMadeTo cause somebody to do something/ To create or construct something Hacer
MeanMeantMeantTo signify/ To intend Significar
MeetMetMetTo make somebody's acquaintance/ To be in the same place as somebody Reunir
MeltMeltedMolten/MeltedTo change from solid into a liquid as the temperature goes up Derretir
MisbecomeMisbecameMisbecomeNot to suit No convenir
MiscastMiscastMiscastTo choose the wrong actor for a role Miscast
MischooseMischoseMischosenTo choose wrongly Elegir mal
MiscutMiscutMiscutTo cut something wrongly or badly Mal cortado
MisdealMisdealtMisdealtTo distribute playing cards wrongly in a game Reparto erróneo
MisdoMisdidMisdoneTo harm or injure Equivocarse
MisfallMisfellMisfallenTo happen unluckily/ To feed incorrectly Error
MisfeedMisfedMisfedTo jam printers, photocpiers, etc, by feeding the paper incorrectlyAtasco
MisgiveMisgaveMisgivenTo become suspicious or worried Hacer recelar
MishearMisheardMisheardTo hear something incorrectly Oír mal
MishitMishitMishitTo hit a ball badly or inaccurately Golpe defectuoso
MisknowMisknewMisknownTo have the wrong idea about something Desconocer
MislayMislaidMislaidTo lose or put something where you cannot find it Perder
MisleadMisledMisledTo make someone behave wrongly/ To deceive Engañar
MislearnMislearnt/MislearnedMislearnt/MislearnedTo learn wrongly Aprender mal
MisreadMisreadMisreadTo read something incorrectly Leer mal
MissayMissaidMissaidTo say something incorrectly/ To talk badly about someone Error
MissendMissentMissentTo send to the wrong place or person Error
MissetMissetMissetTo set or place wrongly or incorrectly/ To say or pronounce something wrongly Misset
MisspeakMisspokeMisspokenTo say something that is incorrect or inaccurate Hablar mal
MisspellMisspelt/MisspelledMisspelt/MisspelledTo write a word without using the correct letters Escribir mal
MisspendMisspentMisspentTo waste time or money Malgastar
MisswearMissworeMisswornTo swear or make an oath falsely Desgaste
MistakeMistookMistakenNot to understand/ To confuse somebody with someone else Error
MisteachMistaughtMistaughtTo teach wrongly or incorrectly Enseñar mal
MistellMistoldMistoldTo tell something wrongly Maldecir
MisthinkMisthoughtMisthoughtTo have mistaken thoughts or ideas Pensar mal
Misunderstand MisunderstoodMisunderstoodNot to understand Entender mal Incomprendido
MiswearMissworeMiswornTo wear badly Desgaste
MiswedMiswed/MisweddedMiswed/MisweddedTo marry wrongly Equivocado
MiswriteMiswroteMiswrittenTo write something incorrectly Escribir mal
MowMowedMownTo cut grass or cereals Cortar
Naysay Naysaid Naysaid To oppose or criticiseOponerse
Offset Offset Offset To compensate or counterbalanceCompensar
OutbidOutbidOutbidTo offer more money than someone in an auction or saleExocrianza
OutbreedOutbredOutbredTo breed faster than othersExceder
OutdoOutdidOutdoneTo do better than someoneSuperar
OutdrawOutdrawOutdrawnTo pull out/ To pull a gun faster than an opponentRetirar/ Desembolsar
OutdrinkOutdrankOutdrunkTo drink more than someone else, usually alcoholBeber mas
OutdriveOutdroveOutdrivenTo drive faster or betterSobresalir
OutfightOutfoughtOutfoughtTo fight better than someonePelear
OutflyOutflewOutflownTo fly faster or furtherVolar
OutgrowOutgrewOutgrownTo grow faster than something or someone/ To become too big or mature for somethingCrecer mas que
OutlayOutlaidOutlaidTo spend money for a particular purposeDesembolsar
OutleapOutleapt/OutleapedOutleapt/OutleapedTo jump or leap further or higherSalto
OutputOutput/OutputtedOutput/OutputtedTo put out or produceProduccion
OutrideOutrodeOutriddenTo ride faster than someoneAdelantar
OutrunOutranOutrunTo run or go faster than someoneCorrer mas que
OutseeOutsawOutseenTo see further/ To have greater foresightFuera
OutsellOutsoldOutsoldTo sell more than something or someoneVender mas
OutshineOutshoneOutshoneTo be better than someoneEclipsar
OutshootOutshotOutshotTo shoot faster or betterBrotar
OutsingOutsangOutsungTo sing better or louder than someoneSalir
OutsitOutsatOutsatTo sit for longer than someoneQuedarse mas tiempo que
OutsleepOutsleptOutsleptTo sleep for longer than someoneDormir mas que alguien
OutsmellOutsmelt/OutsmelledOutsmelt/OutsmelledTo have a better sense of smellApestar
OutspeakOutspokeOutspokenTo speak better or more than someoneHablar mejor
OutspeedOutspedOutspedTo go faster than someone or somethingVelocidad superior
OutspendOutspentOutspentTo spend more than someoneGastar mas
OutspinOutspunOutspunTo finish or dieGirar mas
OutspringOutsprangOutsprungTo spring or jump outDescender
OutstandOutstoodOutstoodTo be clearly different or betterSobresalir
OutswearOutsworeOutswornTo exceed someone in swearing- oaths or bad languageInsultar
OutswimOutswamOutswumTo swim faster or further than someoneNadar mas rapido
OuttellOuttoldOuttoldTo be better or exceed in telling or calculatingContar
OutthinkOutthoughtOutthoughtTo think better ideas than someonePensar mas
OutthrowOutthrewOutthrownTo throw further or more accuratelyDerrocar
OutwearOutworeOutwornTo last longer (of materials, clothes, etc) Desgastar
OutwindOutwoundOutwoundTo unlooseA favor del viento
OutworkOutworked/OutwroughtOutworked/OutwroughTo work harder or better Trabajo fuera del taller
OutwriteOutwroteOutwrittenTo be better at writing Sobrescribir
OverbearOverboreOverborneTo use force or authority to control Superar a
OverbidOverbidOverbidTo bid more something is worth/ To bid more than you can win in a card game Licitar más que
OverblowOverblewOverblownTo blow away/ To force too much Extender
OverbreedOverbredOverbredTo breed too much so that features become excessive Exceso de raza
OverbuildOverbuiltOverbuiltTo build too much, overdevelop/ To buy too much Edificar demasiado
OverbuyOverboughtOverboughtTo pay too much Sobrecompra
OvercastOvercastOvercastTo sew with overcast stitiches (long slanting stitches) Nublado
OvercomeOvercameOvercomeTo become helpless because of excessive emotions or physical difficulties Superar
OvercutOvercutOvercutTo cut down more trees than permitted Sobrecorte
OverdoOverdidOverdoneTo do something to excess/ To cook something too much Exagerar
OverdrawOverdrewOverdrawnTo take money out of an account so that a negative balance results Girar en descubierto
OverdrinkOverdrankOverdrunkTo drink too much Beber en exceso
OverdriveOverdroveOverdrivenTo drive or work something too hard Sobremarcha
OvereatOverateOvereatenTo eat too much Comer con exceso
OverfeedOverfedOverfedTo give too much food Sobrealimentar
OverflyOverflewOverflownTo fly over a place Sobrevolar
OvergrowOvergrewOvergrownTo grow too big or beyond a limit or boundary Crecer demasiado
OverhangOverhungOverhungTo be above something Sobresalir
OverhearOverheardOverheardTo hear something accidently that was not said to you Oír
OverlayOverlaidOverlaidTo cover something with a layer Cubrir
OverleapOverleapt/OverleapedOverleapt/OverleapedTo jump over Superponer
OverlearnOverlearnt/OverlearnedOverlearnt/OverlearnedTo continue learning afer having reached a basic proficiency Sobreaprender
OverlieOverlayOverlainTo kill by lying on top of Estar sobre
OverpassOverpast/OverpassedOverpast/OverpassedTo cross, pass over Paso superior
OverpayOverpaidOverpaidTo pay too much Pagar demasiado
OverrideOverrodeOverriddenTo ride through an enemy's country Anular
OverrunOverranOverrunTo flood/ To invade and take control Invadir
OverseeOversawOverseenTo observe people's work to make sure that it is done properly Supervisar
OversellOversoldOversoldTo sell too much/ To publicise too much Sobrevender
OversetOversetOversetTo overpower Dominar
OversewOversewedOversewn/OversewedTo sew two edges together with stitches overlapping both Supervisar
OvershootOvershotOvershotTo go past a limit Excederse
OversleepOversleptOversleptTo sleep too late Dormir demasiado
OversowOversowedOversown/OversowedTo sow on land that has already be sown Sobresembrar
OverspeakOverspokeOverspokenTo speak too long or use too many words Hablar demasiado
OverspendOverspentOverspentTo spend more than allowed or budgeted/ To spill over Gastar demasiado
OverspillOverspilt/OverspilledOverspilt/OverspilledTo have a population that exceeds the space available Desbordamiento
OverspinOverspunOverspunTo make something last too long Giro excesivo
OverspreadOverspreadOverspreadTo cover something Cubrir
OverspringOversprangOversprungTo jump over Rebosante
OverstandOverstoodOverstoodLose a sale of deal by sticking to a price or conditions unacceptable to the other party Sobreponerse
OverstrewOverstrewedOverstrewed/OverstrewnTo sprinkle or strew something onto another thing Desbordado
OverstrideOverstrodeOverstriddenTo walk faster than someone/ To dominate Anular
OverstrikeOverstruckOverstruckTo stamp a new value or inscription on a old coin/ To tie a string too tightly Sobrecargar
OverstringOverstrungOverstrungTo string piano bass strings across treble strings Sobrecuerda
OvertakeOvertookOvertakenTo pass a vehicle that is going more slowly Adelantar
OverthinkOverthoughtOverthoughtTo think or plan too much Pensar demasiado
OverthrowOverthrewOverthrownTo remove someone forcibly from government or power Derrocamiento
OverwearOverworeOverwornTo wear something too much or often, or wear it out Ropa interior
OverwindOverwoundOverwoundTo wind a clock or something too much so it strains the spring Dar demasiada cuerda a
OverwithholdOverwithheldOverwithheldTo deduct too much tax from a payment or salary Retener
OverwriteOverwroteOverwrittenTo record data on top of existing data, erasing the original Sobrescribir
PartakePartookPartakenTo take part in something or a part of something, usually food Participar
PayPaidPaidTo give somebody money in exchange for things or services Pagar
PenPent/PennedPent/PennedTo shut up or enclose in a cage, etc Lápiz
Pinch-hitPinch-hitPinch-hitTo bat instead of a player in baseball, especially when a hit is needed Golpe de pellizco
PleadPled/PleadedPled/PleadedTo ask for special treatment by authorities Alegar
PotshotPotshot/PotshottedPotshotTo shoot at random/ To criticise at random Tiro al blanco
Practice-teachPractice-taughtPractice-taughtTo teach as part of training Practicar-enseñar
PrebindPreboundPreboundTo bind before Previncular
PrebuildPrebuiltPrebuiltPrefabricate Preconstruir
PrecutPrecutPrecutTo cut something before selling or assembling it Precortado
PredoPredidPredoneTo do something before a certain time of stage Pre hacer
PremakePremadePremadeTo make something before a time or stage Prefabricado
PrepayPrepaidPrepaidTo pay for something using it Pagar por adelantado
PresellPresoldPresoldTo sell before a certain time Preventa
PresetPresetPresetTo arrange something before it is needed Preestablecido
PreshrinkPreshrankPreshrunkTo shrink a fabric before selling it so that it will not become smaller when washed Preencogible
PresplitPresplitPresplitTo split or divide before a certain time Predividido
Price-cutPrice-cutPrice-cutTo cut or reduce prices Reducción de precios
ProofreadProofreadProofreadTo read something checking carefully for mistakes Corregir
ProveProvedProven/ProvedTo demonstrate that something is true Demostrar
PutPutPutTo place something in a specific position Poner
Quick-freezeQuick-frozeQuick-frozenTo freeze something rapidly Congelación rápida
QuitQuitQuitTo stop doing something/ To resign from a job Abandonar
RapRapped/RaptRapped/RaptTo be very affected by strong emotion Rap
Re-proveRe-provedRe-proven/Re-provedTo prove again Reprender
ReadReadReadTo look at written words and understand them/ To deprive Leer
ReaveReft/ReavedReft/ReavedTo take by force Raptar
ReawakeReawokeReawoken/ReawakenTo wake up again Volver a despertar
RebidRebidRebidTo bid again Redeclarar
RebindReboundReboundTo cover a book again Reencuadernar
RebroadcastRebroadcastRebroadcastTo transmit something on televison or the radio again Retransmitir
RebuildRebuiltRebuiltTo build something again Reconstruir
RecastRecastRecastTo replace an actor or actress Refundir a
RecutRecutRecutTo cut again or differently Recortar
ReddRedd/ReddedRedd/ReddedTo save or rescue Rojo
RedealRedealtRedealtTo deal playing cards again Renegociar
RedoRedidRedoneTo do something again Rehacer
RedrawRedrewRedrawnTo draw again/ To change boundaries, frontiers, etc Redibujar
ReeveRove/ReevedRove/ReevedTo gather together/ To thread something through a hole Juez local
RefitRefitRefitReplace or repair machinery, equipment/ To fit something again Repararse
RegrindRegroundRegroundTo grind again/ To smooth worn engine parts Molido
RegrowRegrewRegrownTo grow again Volver a crecer
RehangRehungRehungTo hang again or in a different position Volver a colgar
RehearReheardReheardTo hear something again Volver a escuchar
ReknitReknit/ReknittedReknit/ReknittedTo knit again/ To join back togetherRetejer
RelayRelaidRelaidTo operate a system where things are replaced as they become used or tired Relé
RelearnRelearnt/RelearnedRelearnt/RelearnedTo learn again Volver a aprender
RelightRelit/RelightedRelit/RelightedTo light or start something burning again Volver a arder
RemakeRemadeRemadeTo make something again, such as a new version of a film Rehacer
RendRentRentTo tear or rip Desgarrar
RepayRepaidRepaidTo pay somebody money owed Pagar
RereadRereadRereadTo read again Releer
RerunReranRerunTo show a film againRepetición
ResellResoldResoldTo sell something again Revender
ResendResentResentTo send something again Reenviar
ResetResetResetTo put something back to the original way it was organised Reiniciar
ResewResewedResewn/ReswedTo sew again Volver a coser
ReshootReshotReshotTo shoot a film scene again Volver a disparar
ResitResatResatTo take an exam or test again Volver a sentarse
ResowResowedResown/ResowedTo sow again Volver a sembrar
RespellRespelled/RespeltRespelled/RespeltTo spell again Repellizcar
RestringRestrungRestrungTo fit new strings on a musical instrument or a bow Restringir
RetakeRetookRetakenTake again, especially exams and tests Volver a tomar
ReteachRetaughtRetaughtTo teach again Volver a enseñar
RetearRetoreRetornTo tear again, usually of injuries Volver a rasgar
RetellRetoldRetoldTo tell something again Volver a contar
RethinkRethoughtRethoughtTo think again Repensar
RetreadRetrodRetroddenTo tread again/ To cut new tread in a tyre Recauchutar
RetrofitRetrofit/RetrofittedRetrofit/RetrofittedWeren't available when the machine was made Reacondicionamiento
RewakeRewoke/RewakedRewoken/RewakedTo wake again Despertar
RewearReworeRewornTo wear again Revestir
ReweaveRewove/ReweavedRewoven/ReweavedTo weave again Retejer
RewedRewed/ReweddedRewed/ReweddedTo marry again Recargado
RewetRewet/RewettedRewet/RewettedTo wet again Rehumedecer
RewinRewonRewonTo win again Reganar
RewindRewoundRewoundTo put a cassette or video back to the beginning Rebobinar
RewriteRewroteRewrittenTo write something again, usually with improvements Volver a escribir
RidRid/RiddedRid/RiddedTo dispose of Librar
RideRodeRiddenTo travel by horse, bike or motorbike Conducir
RingRangRungTo telephone/ To make sounds with a bell Hacer sonar
RiseRoseRisenTo move upwards Elevar
RiveRivedRiven/RivedTo break apart ot split Suceder
Rough-hewRough-hewedRough-hewnTo make a rough version of something Tosco
RoughcastRoughcastRoughcastTo prepare a rough form of something Mezcla gruesa
RunRanRunTo move quickly, so that both legs leave the ground Correr
Sand-castSand-castSand-castTo make a cast by pouring metal into a mold made of sand. Hacer castillo de arena
SawSawedSawn/SawedTo cut wood, etc, with a tool Sierra
SaySaidSaidTo speak words Decir
SeeSawSeenTo notice with your eyes Ver
SeekSoughtSoughtTo try to find something Buscar
Self-feedSelf-fedSelf-fedTo feed itself without assistance Autoalimentación
Self-sowSelf-sowedSelf-sown/Self-sowedTo sow itself without assistance Auto siembra
SellSoldSoldTo receive money in exchange for goods Vender
SendSentSentTo cause something to be taken to a specific destination, especially letters, message, etc. Enviar
SetSetSetTo place something somewhere/ To fix something in a particular position Establecer
SewSewedSewn/SewedTo join pieces of material together using thread Coser
ShakeShookShakenTo vibrate/ To make something vibrate Sacudir
ShaveShavedShaven/ShavedTo remove body hair Afeitar
ShearShore/ShearedShorn/ShearedTo cut with scissors, especially wool from sheep Cortar
ShedShedShedTo fall off or let something fall off; snakes shed their skin Cobertizo
ShendShentShentTo shame or disgrace Arrojar
ShewShewedShewn/ShewedShow Mostrar
ShineShoneShoneTo give off or reflect bright light Brillar
ShitShat/ShitShat/ShitTo get rid of solid body wasteMierda
ShoeShodShodTo provide with shoes, especially horses Zapato
ShootShotShotTo fire a bullet from a gun/ To kill or hurt somebody with a gun Disparar
ShortcutShortcutShortcutTo use a shorter or quicker way of going somehere or doing something Atajo
ShowShowedShownTo allow somebody to see something so that they can become aware of it Espectáculo
ShrinkShrankShrunkTo become smaller/ To make something smaller Encogerse
ShriveShroveShrivenTo confess or listen to a confession, a religious term Confesar
ShutShutShutTo close something Cerrado
SidewindSidewoundSidewoundTo move like the sidewinder snake Viento lateral
Sight-readSight-readSight-readTo read music La vista leer
SightseeSightsawSightseenTo visit famous monuments, etc Hacer turismo
SingSangSungTo make music with your voice/ To move downwards in water Cantar
SinkSankSunkTo make something move downwards in water Pileta
SitSatSatyour feet, with the back in a vertical position as on a chair Sentar
SkywriteSkywroteSkywrittenTo write in the sky with smoke Escrito de Cielo
SlaySlewSlainTo kill Matar
SleepSleptSleptTo be in a relaxed state with your eyes closed Dormir
SlideSlidSlid/SliddenTo move on a smooth surface, such as ice Deslizar
SlingSlungSlungTo throw something somewhere Honda
SlinkSlunkSlunkTo move in a suspicious and guilty way Escabullirse
SlitSlitSlitTo make a long thin cut in something Abertura
SmellSmelt/SmelledSmelt/SmelledTo detect odours with your nose To emit odours Oler
SmiteSmoteSmittenTo hit Herir
SnapshootSnapshotSnapshotTake a quick photograph Instantánea
SneakSneaked/SnuckSneaked/SnuckTo move around guiltily or to avoid being noticed Furtivo
SoothsaySoothsaidSoothsaidTo predict the future Adivinación
SowSowedSownTo plant seeds in the ground to produce plants or cereals Sembrar
SpeakSpokeSpokenTo say words with your mouth/ To be able to use a language Hablar
SpeedSped/SpeededSped/SpeededTo move quickly/ To drive faster than legally permitted Velocidad
SpellSpelt/SpelledSpelt/SpelledTo use the correct combination of letters for a word Deletrear
SpellbindSpellboundSpellboundTo put into a trance or captivate Hechizar
SpendSpentSpentTo Use money to buy things/ To use time or energy doimg something Gastar
SpillSpilt/SpilledSpilt/SpilledTo allow liquids out of their containers accidentally Derramar
SpinSpan/SpunSpunTo make something turn repeatedly in circles Girar
SpitSpat/SpitSpat/SpitTo eject saliva, liquid or food from the mouth Escupir
SplitSplitSplitTo divide/ To break open Separar
SpoilSpoilt/SpoiledSpoilt/SpoiledTo let something go bad/ To go bad Arruinar
SpoonfeedSpoonfedSpoonfedTo give someone information in small and very easy bits alimentación de cuchara
SpreadSpreadSpreadTo cover the surface of one thing with something else, like butter on bread Untado
SpringSprangSprungTo jump/To become activeBrotar
Stall-feedStall-fedStall-fedTo feed or fatten an animal in a stall Alimentación de parada
StandStoodStood To be in a vertical position with the weight on the feet Pararse
StaveStove/Staved/StovedStove/Staved/StovedTo break a hole in something Duela
StealStoleStolenTo take property or money that is not yours Robar
StickStuckStuckTo attach things with glue/ To insert a sharp object into something Palo
StingStungStungTo feel pain caused by an insect or plant or in a particular part of the body Picadura
StinkStankStunkTo smell very badly Hedor
StraphangStraphungStraphungTo hold a strap for support Correa
StrewStrewedStrewn/StrewedTo distribute things randomly over a surface Esparcir
StrideStrode/StridedStriddenTo walk confidently Paso
StrikeStruckStruck/StrickenTo stop working as a protest about working conditions/ To hit Huelga
StringStrungStrungTo attach something using a cord Cuerda
StripStript/StrippedStript/StrippedTo undress/ To remove the covering of something Banda
StriveStroveStrivenTo try very hard to do something Luchar
SubletSubletSubletTo rent something you have rented Subarrendar
SunburnSunburned/SunburntSunburned/SunburntTo get red skin from being in the sun for too long Bronceado
SwearSworeSwornTo use words which are regarded as offensive/ To promise Jurar
SweatSweat/SweatedSweat/SweatedTo perspire Sudor
SweepSwept/SweepedSwept/SweepedTo clean floors using a brush Barrer
SwellSwelledSwollenTo increase in size usually by filling with liquids or gases Hinchar
SwimSwamSwumTo travel in water by moving your arms and legs Nadar
SwingSwungSwungTo move from side to side from a fixed point Ritmo
SwinkSwank/SwonkSwonkenTo work, toil or labour Coquetear
Switch-hitSwitch-hitSwitch-hitTo bat right-handed against a left-handed bowler, or vice versa, in baseball Cambio de golpe
TakeTookTakenTo perform an action/To acquire Tomar
TeachTaughtTaughtTo instruct or train somebody Enseñar
Team-teachTeam-taughtTeam-taughtTo teach with more than one teacher for the class or group Enseñar en equipo
TearToreTornTo make a hole or divide material, paper, etc. Lágrima
TelecastTelecast/TelecastedTelecast/TelecastedTo broadcast on TV Teledifusión
TellToldToldTo give somebody information Decir
Test-driveTest-droveTest-drivenTo drive a car to test it before buying Prueba de conducción
Test-flyTest-flewTest-flownTo test a plane Vuelo de prueba
ThinkThoughtThoughtTo have an opinion/ To use the brain Pensar
ThriveThrove/ThrivedThriven/ThrivedTo do very well because the circumstances or situation is right Prosperar
ThrowThrewThrownTo cause an object to leave your hand in such a way that it travels through the air Lanzar
ThrustThrustThrustTo push with force Empuje
ThunderstrikeThunderstruckThunderstruck/ThundersTo strike with lightning/ To shock Trueno
TineTint/TinedTint/TinedTo shut Púa
TreadTrodTroddenTo put your foot down Huella
TroubleshootTroubleshotTroubleshotTo solve a problem Solucionar problemas
TypecastTypecastTypecastTo give an actor the same sort of role repeatedly Encasillar
TypesetTypesetTypesetTo compose type for printing Composición tipográfica
TypewriteTypewroteTypewrittenTo write with a typewriter Escribir a máquina
UnbearUnboreUnborn/UnborneTo remove a horse's rein and straps Unbear
UnbendUnbentUnbentTo retore something to its original shape that has been distorted Enderezar
UnbindUnboundUnboundTo set something free/ To untie, remove ropes, chains, etc.. Desatar
UnbuildUnbuiltUnbuiltTo demolish Quebrantar
UnclotheUnclad/UnclothedUnclad/UnclothedTo remove clothes Desvestir
UnderbidUnderbidUnderbid/UnderbiddenTo offer less money in an auction or sale Ofrecer menos de lo que vale
UnderbuyUnderboughtUnderboughtTo buy for less than the real value Subcompra
UndercutUndercutUndercutTo sell at a cheaper price than a competitor Vender a menor precio que
UnderdoUnderdidUnderdoneTo do less than necessary/ Not to cook enough Menospreciar
UnderfeedUnderfedUnderfedTo give too little food to someone or an animal Subalimentación
UndergirdUndergirt/Undergirded Undergirt/UndergirdedTo make something secure underneath/ To give moral support Ceñir
UndergoUnderwentUndergoneTo suffer or go through an unpleasant experience, such as surgery Someterse
UnderlayUnderlaidUnderlaidTo put underneath something Subyacer
UnderletUnderletUnderletTo rent for less than the real value Underlet
UnderlieUnderlayUnderlainTo be the real reason, meaning or idea behind something, usually hidden or not clear Estar debajo de
UnderpayUnderpaidUnderpaidTo pay someone too little or pay less than the price Pagar de menos
UnderrunUnderranUnderrunTo pass or flow underneath something Agotamiento
UndersellUndersoldUndersoldTo sell at a lower price than a competitorVender menos
UndershootUndershotUndershotTo shoot too short/ Not to reach a traget Subestimar
UnderspendUnderspentUnderspentTo sepnd less money than allocated in the department or company's budget Gastar menos
UnderstandUnderstoodUnderstoodTo know or come to know the meaning of somethingEntender
UndertakeUndertookUndertakenTo accept responsibility for doing something Emprender
UnderthrustUnderthrustUnderthrustTo insert faulted rock under a passive rock mass Empuje insuficiente
UnderwriteUnderwroteUnderwrittenTo accept part or all of a financial risk, especially insurance Suscribir
UndoUndidUndoneTo 'open' clothes or shoes before taking them off Deshacer
UndrawUndrewUndrawnTo open a curtain/ To withdraw desdibujar
UndrawUndrewUndrawnTo open, draw back (curtains, etc)/ desdibujar
UnfreezeUnfrozeUnfrozenTo make assets availably for use/ To thaw something Descongelar
UnhangUnhungUnhungTo remove something that is hanging Descolgar
UnhideUnhidUnhiddenTo expose something that was hidden Mostrar
UnholdUnheldUnheldTo stop holding or not to hold Retirar
UnknitUnknit/UnknittedUnknit/UnknittedTo untie Destejer
UnladeUnladedUnladen/UnladedTo remove cargo, unload Descargar
UnlayUnlaidUnlaidTo untwist a rope Desatar
UnlearnUnlearnt/UnlearnedUnlearnt/UnlearnedTo try to forget or change a habit or something that had been learned Desaprender
UnmakeUnmadeUnmadeTo remove a decision Deshacer
UnreeveUnrove/UnreevedUnrove/UnreevedTo remove a rope from a hook Unreeve
UnsayUnsaidUnsaidNot to say something/ To take back something that you said Retractarse
UnsellUnsoldUnsoldTo convince someone that something is worthless or false Anular la venta
UnsewUnsewedUnsewn/UnsewedTo undo someone sewed, remove the stitches Descoser
UnslingUnslungUnslungTo remove something held in a sling Desengancharse
UnspeakUnspokeUnspokenTo take back what has been said or not to say something No hablar
UnspinUnspunUnspunTo untwist or unravel/ To seperate things that have been stuck Dejar de girar
UnstickUnstuckUnstuckTo seperate things that have been stuck together/ To take off Despegar
UnstringUnstrungUnstrungTo open something secured with string Desenredar
UnswearUnsworeUnswornTo take back an oath Dejar de jurar
UnteachUntaughtUntaughtTo make someone forget something they have learned Dejar de enseñar
UnthinkUnthoughtUnthoughtTo remove something from your mind No pensar
UntreadUntrodUntroddenTo tread back, retrace your steps Sin pisar
UnweaveUnwoveUnwovenTo undo things that have been woven together Destejer
UnwindUnwoundUnwoundTo relax Relajarse
UnwriteUnwroteUnwrittenTo delete writing or not to write Desescribir
UpbuildUpbuiltUpbuiltTo build up, develop on a large scale Edificar
UpholdUpheldUpheldTo support or confirm a decision Defender
UppercutUppercutUppercutTo punch upwards towards someone's chin Uppercut
UpriseUproseUprisenTo get up, stand up, move up/ To return from the dead Levantarse
UpsetUpsetUpsetTo make somebody unhappy or disturbed Decepcionado
UpspringUpsprangUpsprungTo jump or spring up Ascendencia
UpsweepUpsweptUpsweptTo sweep or brush upwards Barrido ascendente
UptearUptoreUptornTo tear into piecesAborotar
VexVext/VexedVext/VexedTo trouble or annoy Vejar
WakeWokeWokenTo stop sleeping and become conscious/ To make somebody stop sleeping Despertarse
WaylayWaylaidWaylaidTo wait for or to stop somebody to rob them Acechar
WearWoreWornTo have clothes on your body Tener puesto
WeaveWoveWovenTo make material Tejido
WedWed/WeddedWed/WeddedTo marry Casarse
WeepWeptWeptTo cry heavily Llorar
WendWended/WentWended/WentTo go, make your way Encaminarse a
WetWet/WettedWet/WettedTo make something wet by applying a liquid to it Mojado
WhipsawWhipsawedWhipsawn/WhipsawedTo cut with whipsaw (a saw for two people)/ To victimise Serrucho
WinWonWonTo be the best in a competition, game, election, etc. Victoria
WindWoundWoundTo turn something round to make a mechanical process operate Viento
WinterfeedWinterfedWinterfedTo feed cattle in the winter when they can't graze Alimentación invernal
WiredrawWiredrewWiredrawnTo make something last a long time, especially speech Trefilado
WitWistWistTo know Ingenio
WithdrawWithdrewWithdrawnTo remove money from a bank/ To remove something from a place Retirar
WithholdWithheldWithheldNot to let somebody have something Retener
WithstandWithstoodWithstoodTo resist successfully Resistir a
WontWontWont/WontedTo be accustomed No
WorkWorked/WroughtWorked/WroughtTo make physical or mental effort to produce or achieve something Trabajar
WrapWrapped/WraptWrapped/WraptTo cover Envolver
WreakWreakedWreaked/WrokenTo cause or make something happen/ To transport emotionally Infligir
WringWrungWrungTo put a lot of pressure on something to remove liquids Exprimir
WriteWroteWrittenTo put words onto paper using a pen or pencil Escribe
ZincZinced/ZinckedZinced/ZinckedTo coat or cover something with a layer of zincCubrir con zinc
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